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End of 2009

oke, act byk bende yg nk diluahkan, dikongsi since ramadhan hari tu.. tp sbb bz xder masa plak nk menulis kat sini.. tp bila ader masa, entries yg nk diluahkan tu dah basi.. nk menulis pon xder mood. life is going smoothly..Alhamdullillah with Allah swt blessing. career and education was ok but not GOOD. but both of them still going smoothly. even sometimes my heart goes kacau bilau sbb byk b'pk..

now, we are end of December 2009. kejap jer masa berlalu. tahun nie paling byk duka since stay kt shah alam around march 2005. but life must go on dgn kekuatan dan sifat ego yg ade.. ego pd keadaan, ego pd hati dan diri sendiri. menyesal is not the right word.. but upset is yes, im feel it. sy pun manusia biase yg kurang segalanya. kurang ilmu dunia and kurang ilmu the day after. but im still pray that it will me mine one day. i'll wait till i surrender. but org tak tau apa yg sy fikir kn. just keep it with myself. luckily im not lonely, still have my friends even i don't have my best friend.

study was ok but got something to get it cleared. about payment, exam location and small thing that im still blur .. and as a beginning, my result is good enough for me as a student and worker. yahhhoooo... assignment hari tu bikin last minute, stay up at uitm till 11++pm, and my presentation pun prepare last minute. i woke up at 5am to prepare for presentation and before my turn, i still rush to prepared .. and i was presented a biasa2 punya presentation. not a gempak one.. then after mid semester exam, i had one oral discussion by group. the tutor gave us one topic and 2 minutes to think what we must to talk for 10 minutes by individual. tp time tu x boleh discuss, so i think i'll fail that oral test. when i was talked.. i talked.. talked.. and talked.. the result i got is 'A' . Alhamdulillah, with Allah swt blessing.

doing a pjj is a lonely journey.. yes.., it is really..i staring at the computer at 11pm at the night, i stare at the phone and will it to ring.. but these thing make me more independant.. if sume org kasi i'll be manja2 and spoiled !

.:specious suri:.

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